What is StreetSmarts?

StreetSmarts is a free, daily morning newsletter that dives into and explains the important news and themes taking place within the business world and financial markets. I aim to send the note out every week day by 7am EST.

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I write StreetSmarts with the aim of being not just informative but also light hearted and entertaining, as well as something of a ‘beginner’s guide’ - trying not to just push information but explain things so that they are accessible to everyone from seasoned market hands to people who just opened their Schwab account this morning.

Who writes it?

I do! I’m Ryan, a former investment banker (r.i.p. Credit Suisse) and investor at a large mutual fund. I quit the industry because I wanted to build a platform that helps everyday investors unstack the deck against the big Wall Street firms.

Having seen both sides, I believe I can take that experience and create content that better educates and informs investors, and also people just trying to make sense of the financial world. I hope you like it because I really enjoy making it.

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Former investment banker and hedge fund analyst shares his passion for financial markets with a daily analytical and entertaining look into all things investing.